Radio stations duplicate occurs and lost the URL link

Dear Roon Team,

after I activated the two-factor authentication function in the account, the online account had to be reconnected to the app. The new registration with email and password and the control code from the Autenticator app worked.

However, all saved radio stations are suddenly listed twice and the interface with the duplicate stations can be deleted.

The other current error occurs repeatedly… Some of the stations saved with the URL have spontaneously deleted the save data (URL link) and can no longer be accessed. The logos and locations are still visible, but cannot be deleted. As a result, the station can then be saved again (new URL link), but the old stations are still visible without any function. (See screenshot).

Thank you.

Just another user here, suspecting the use of unsupported VPN software maybe being the culprit.
Disable VPN, reboot for good measure and see if you’ve still got the erroneous behavior.

Dear Roon Team,

I was able to fix the error today by restarting ROCK twice.

All radio stations with the error message and without a URL are deleted.

The saved radio stations are all active again with the data records. So I hope that the error is permanently eliminated.

Best regards.

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