Radio stations lagging +/- 15 minutes lagging

I added a number of stations with their url for streaming, and what i am noticing is that the playback is running approx 15 minutes behind. This is very annoying since the news comes not at the hour or half hour as it should be but 15 minutes later (messing up my time sense :-))

Using the same url on my B&O essence or Laptop direct does not cause this problem

Very strange. Do all devices use the same DNS?

Yep all use the same dns
All use the same network
All are utp wired as well

Is it every URL or just some? Sorry for the ‘20 questions’ but I can’t imagine what mechanism is at play here (other than you are somehow being re-directed via roon to a CDN that has a large cache of the stream, but then again, I know little about internet radio streaming!).

Come to think of it, I have never compared delays between different hardware, so will try it later when I get home.

Can you share a station so we can have a go?

OK, I can’t really compare the same URLs but compared to live (analogue FM):
DAB radio is about 45 seconds behind live.
Roon is about 10 seconds behind that, so nearly a minute behind live, using:

Using the BBC iplayer radio site (from a PC browser) gives a similar figure to Roon, about 50 seconds behind live:

Roon is using a different DNS, but this shouldn’t make much difference anyway.