Radio suisse classique

Good morning
Would you please add this station.

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Already available (two times):


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Oups I can’t see them in Switzerland or music…Only Radio Suisse jazz and Radio Suisse pop !
Thank you

Hi @pierre_jubinville, I see 4 Radio Swiss stations when I look under location > Switzerland (with view all selected).
Is this not the case for you?

PS the spelling is “swiss” by the stations themselves.

On Stations (the second entry) first is Local Stations when the user is located in Switzerland and is therefore dependent on Local Station Radius. Two stations seem to miss the location (should be the same for all four) and thus won’t show up in Local Stations at all btw.

Well spotted @BlackJack. Two stations had wandered off to near the Caspian Sea. I’ve moved them back.

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