Radio to play from library version

I love Roon Radio, it puts in a great mix of stuff I know and stuff I don’t. However, when it plays tracks that I have in my library, it tends to use a Tidal version that isn’t the actual library version, so I can’t just hit the like button, or sometimes it isn’t the best version. It seems odd to play a song I have in my library but from a different source. I don’t want to just limit to my library, because I still want the new music thrown in.

It’s only a minor thing but it is surprising how often it frustrates me !


Just going to give this a bump. I am surprised it hasn’t chimed with others more. Still bugs me.

it’s a pretty common gripe; my guess why this thread hasn’t gotten love is because there are several other threads on the topic :+1:

I also wish it would prefer library tracks when available. But when it’s Roon radio, I’m usually not listening too terribly critically, so I’m not too terribly put out by a different version.