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Could we please have a way to add the Radio Tunes network of stations? They have many different types of music with a large if not the largest source of electronic music. This is a service I pay for monthly(can also listen for free) only a small fee for access to the whole suite of music stations, They have a key that you can add to your outboard player as well as browser support. Ive tried adding my key to Roon but it doesn’t seem to work, Could someone at Roon please add these stations if possible, I feel that there’s something there for everyone who loves music… …Thanks as I’m a newbie here

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Thanks for your post @Davelle_Rudd. As you are aware, Roon does not use these “aggregator” stations; we prefer to add the individual stations ourselves. Where possible, we can then add language, location, genre information etc. explicitly into the station’s description.

However, I acknowledge your request and will ensure it will be taken note of by the Roon team.


Good day sir, Im sorry I don’t know how this works. I only know that have many different stations that play lots of nice music, I ask you because I pay for this service, they provide a station key that can be added to outboard hi/res player like, the ones by Sony or Marantz so one can listen through the player without using a browser. I was thinking the key could be added to Roon to play music through live radio, Im sorry if I’m wrong as Im a newbie and do not understand how this works so I thought I would ask…Thanks

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No apologies needed. If you think Roon could be improved by something then please say so. They consider all requests but have to balance the work and cost against the benefits.

In this case, Roon have effectively decided to be the aggregator themselves, thus not requiring any station keys. This works as long as the particular station required has a free stream, which usually is the case.

Go to My Live Radio and add Stations manually by pasting URLs.
That’s how it works.

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That works for single stations, but the OP wanted to add an aggregator station. That can’t be done at the moment, hence his request.

Hey Thank You…Thank you very very much…It works, Im very grateful for for your help. I just wanted to add some of the stations that I listen to often through Roon without having to go through safari while also having the DSP settings i enjoy with Roon. I had tried to add stations before but could not get it to work… maybe i tried by adding my list of favorite stations instead of each individual station hmmmm, don’t know but with your example I found this to work. This is great …Now I can use the suite of premium stations I enjoy as its a great deal, they charge a good price for, even free for those who don’t mind ads like a regular radio station…Thanks again VK

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Hi @Davelle_Rudd, I’m pleased you got your stations working. Are you a premium subscriber to radiotunes? Their URLs are only given out to those.

Yes sir Ive been a member for a very long time, though you can listen for free I believe that only premium members can load the URLs, I feel its worth the small price you pay for the many sites and apps you get access too…as its not only radio tunes but Zen radio, Jazz radio, DI FM, Classical radio, Rock radio, and inside each of these apps are many stations and genres to choose from…

Ok, it’s all clear now. My misunderstanding.

They do look good sites, especially as one subscription gets you all of them; I hadn’t realised that.

Enjoy your new streams!