Radio with multiple users

Will the radiofunction work different for other users logged into the system or will it be the same for all?
My kids likes very much different types of music than me!


You will pleased to hear that Roon Radio is tailored to each user’s activity / listen history.



Wouldn’t this be a compelling reason for some actual user profile login or other security? I mean, there is no way to keep someone else in the house from listening under my profile and thumbs upping a bunch of Brittany Spears and thumbs downing all the music I love?

Agreed, basic access control is long over due.

The major factor in Roon radio is the seed that you use to start it. I doubt that you would choose the same tracks so even under one profile there wouldn’t be that many clashes I think.

Speaking of “the seed”, is there an actual difference in how Roon behaves when starting the Radio at a specific track versus an artist versus an album versus a playlist? Do they have different characteristics?

I really don’t know I can only speculate. The seed is the start of a They Played This path through the Roon data. I presume there is a different path and size of seed for track,vs album vs genre. I presume they have a track to track route and an album to track in album route.
I’m not an ML expert mind :wink:

I guess my question boils down to: how many tracks can constitute a seed? The answer could be as many as its container holds, e.g. playlist = hundreds, album = a dozen, artist = several hundred, etc. Or, the seed could be as simple as the first track in each container. Dunno.

Track, album, artist, genre not playlist.

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