RAM and Multiple drives for ROCK

That’s the way to do it…

As you say, perhaps Roon OS 2.0 will expand the web administration page.

I just hazard a guess this would assign differebnt volume identifiers that ROCK/Nucleus could mount in the storage mnt area. The only issue is having to fill them up over LAN via SMB

Pls wich is OS roon 2.0 ? Is a rock quality software?? y have at the moment 3 2tb Sata inerrnals working fine

Still in development, not yet released…

ls why is so slw the file transfer over the roon network? 11mb/s its 48 hs to migrate 2 tb of music

Assuming your stats are right, you are at 88mbit/s… That tells me you are not using gigabit Ethernet or high speed WiFi.

no the actual speed is 11 mb/s
via ethernet

That’s the typical speed of you use 100Mbps Ethernet. Gigabit/1000Mbps Ethernet would be much faster, could be up to 120MB/sec in typical situation.

Are you sure your switch or router has Gigabit ethernet? If confirmed, check or try a different ethernet cable. I once had a connection speed similar to yours even with Gigabit hardware and turned out I have a bad ethernet cable. For some reasons, it would only connect at 100Mbps. Once I changed the cable, the speed is good.

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I use this ethernet cat 9 on my setup with no problems , any way I did what yu adviced , changed the cable , with no changes in the speed transfers. Is a rock system limitation I suppose. , when moving files using the windows navigation pannel , and both drives the master and the virgin one the speed is much much faster,plse help
i need to move 3 tb more
there is any reccommendarion?

Use an external USB connection to a drive. Format for FAT and connect the drive to the source computer then when you copying connect back to the Core and import the new data