Random comments on 1.5 323

I have some random comments that do not really fit anywhere else so I just put them here… None of them is really vital though.

  1. Splash screen is extremely small on my high resolution screen (7680x4320), impossible to read the nice bonmots from famous artists.

  2. Interpretation of third-party ID tags shows strange results sometimes. I use the wonderful Helium Music Manager for tagging. He has some nice tags like “Release Type” that could be very well used to fill Roon’s “Album Type” but this remains empty in Roon. On the other hand, its “Studio” tag is displayed by Roon as “Performed by” at the single titles. Strange enough, Roon puts the value from the “Studio” tag correctly into its “Recording Location” but displays this (i feel) wrongly as “Performed by”.

I perfectly know that you are not responsible for the tag settings of third-party programs and that it cannot be your target to map their settings perfectly to yours. However, the latter behaviour looks like an internal Roon topic to me.

The mapping of different tags could be easily realized by us users individually if Roon would offer us some kind of mapping table…

Keep up the excellent job,