Random petty UX consistencies issues

Roon is an amazing piece of software. Here is a few petty UX inconsistencies I’ve found… I didn’t knew where to write them so here they are in the “Feature Requests” thread.

  1. When a Tidal track is unavailable, the warning label is: red in album view, blue in tracks view, and there is no label at all in artist view. (If a lower res file exists locally it should be played automatically instead? I’ve experienced this on “Connected” track from the same-titled album from the Stereo MC’s)
  2. We can type in directly in Artists, Tracks, Composers, Composition screens but not Albums… the “ABC” icon to the left should be removed.
  3. In an album view, the “This album” label is red… which is used to designate a problem elsewhere in the app (but one place as per item #1 in this post).
  4. Perhaps a design choice rather than an inconsistency: the arrow to expand an album/artist description is over a dark background but fall below, on a white ribbon, if clicked on. This white ribbon prevents the page to look full screen and our brain have to think a little to finally find that the arrow have changed place.

Thanks for documenting these. Roon’s UI does have a fair few quirks :slight_smile:

What Remote are you using? I can type in directly in the Album browser when the Roon Remote is on Windows…

Could you give a screenshot? Thanks. I’m not clear where this is (I’m not seeing it).