Random pick of the day

Kind of similar to the much discussed shuffle album request but different enough in my opinion to be a valid alternative.

I would like Roon to just pick a random album from my library each day and present it to me.
This could be a great way to remind me of what I already have but forgotten long ago.
It could go on the home page possibly along with the daily mixes?

Or just have it pop up each day?

I think this is sort-of still available using the old (“classic”) Discover view in Roon.

If you don’t like what you see, you can always hit the refresh button.

Sort of ish maybe not quite…lol.

I don’t know if you use Discogs at all?
When you view your own collection there is a button called random release.
Press and it just pops up a tile center stage with exactly what it said…a random release from just your collection.
You can actually just keep on pressing and get a different random item from your collection. I have not seen a repeat yet although given enough time I’m sure I would.

Can’t be that hard if Discogs can manage it😎

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