Random Play for a Focus set of music when choosing Play All

When you create a Focus set of music albums, which is a GREAT and well used feature, you can select Radio or Play All. If Radio, the program chooses related music (not Random). If you choose Play All, play back is definitely not random and if you choose Play All and select the Random button, it starts Radio! That too is not Random. I have a Focus of some 800 albums but i really only get the same 8-15 that pop up. That is a disappointment. It also begs the difference between Radio and Play All.

The value of Roon would be greatly improved if there would be an ability to select a shuffle function (random) for a Focus set of music. There would be even more value if that shuffle function would have the option to shuffle by track, work or by album.

Perhaps a different path, but less ideal, would be to allow a playlist to be created by a Focus set of music. Playlists have a shuffle option button. If this path is taken, the value of bookmarks are reduced so i would prefer the first approach.

I would also like to see a feature that allowed us to automatically load a preset number of tracks from such a random play command. Say 20 or 50. Instead of having to wait and see what Roon loads for us one by one, or having to give a “thumbs up” to a bunch of tracks in order to create a running playlist from a “play” command.

I’d rather look at a playlist of 20 -50 tracks chosen at random from my focus group and decide which ones to delete (if any); rather than having to go through one by one to choose tracks or just wait and see what comes up.

Having a set number of tracks load into a visible/editable playlist automatically would save steps and time.

I support this request for truly random play. I too have found Play All is not truly random.

I would also like to add a request that options for random track selection of include:

  1. Sample with or sample without replacement. (This option would allow the same track to be selected more than once at random or, probably more usefully, disallow it).

  2. Sample multi-part tracks as a whole or sample individual tracks within a multi-part track. (This option would allow, for example, individual movements or variations to be selected).

I listen to random after Play All a lot. Mostly filtering out classical because that genre won’t play nicely with random play. Something that I hope will change soon.

What I want from Random play is it to dig into the corners of my 35000 track library and show me stuff I should be paying more attention to. I think it does a reasonable job at that apart from playing certain tracks and albums far too often.

I’ve heard Vashti Bunyans ‘Diamond Day’ far too often. I think random play will pick that track 8 times out of 10 within the first half hour (not scientific). It also really likes ‘Tommy’ by The Who, as do I, but it’s irritating because Roon classes that as a Work and therefore plays the whole album.

Ha! I mostly listen to Play All on Classical tracks. :slight_smile:

I think Radio’s purpose is to dig into the library where Play All’s purpose is simply to play the set of Music identified when you created a Focused set of music.

Regardless, on Radio or Play All, it seems not random enough.

I think 1.3 build 208 has added something when you press “Play all” and look at the queue: “Shuffle continues…”. Is this new? If so thanks and I will press the thumbs-up.
Let’s see if it is more random than before.

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I agree with requests above for a shuffle option that allows it to dig into multi-part tracks.
For me it’s always Goldberg Variations. Much as I love the whole lot of them it would be good to have the option for shuffle to play individual variations as if they were completely separate tracks.

“Shuffle continues…” is not a new feature, sadly.
Ongoing feature request: please make “All Play” (“shuffling your library”) more random than it is now.