Random stopping while playing through Sonos

I have never been able to get flawless playback through Sonos. Sometimes I will get the error “Roon lost control of the audio device” when starting playback. It can resolve the problem by just pressing play again. Another strange problem I have is sometimes playback will just stop. If I press play again, sometimes playback will resume, other times I get the “lost control of audio device” message. Pressing play multiple times will eventually fix the problem.

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We’ve been working on the Sonos code for reliability reasons recently, in particular around startup and transitions between tracks of different formats. Hopefully there will be an improvement for you in our next stable release, whenever that is.

That said, just having done a bunch of work in the Sonos code makes this a great time to try to make more improvements. I think we’ve done this before, but could I get a set of logs from you showing these problems? The instructions for getting them to us are here: https://kb.roonlabs.com/Logs

Thanks, and hopefully things will get better soon.

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FWIW, I’m having the same problems…just started happening recently though. Sonos was fairly reliable until about a week ago.

After recent update, problem persists. Some days its really bad. Like today music keeps stopping every few mins.

Hi, @tboooe, @David_Snyder,

Build 247 has a fix for a specific bug related to Sonos devices disabling themselves that was introduced in build 242. There are also some general stability improvements that should help in marginal network conditions generally. I hate to be saying this again, but: Could you try the new build and let me know if it’s better?


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Thank you for the heads up @ben. I just downloaded the new build, played 1 song and Sonos stopped about 2 mins into it. I will continue testing to see if there is an overall improvement.

Seems that after the initial hiccup I had with the latest build yesterday has improved on the Sonos playback reliability. So far this morning no random stops playing from both Tidal and my library. I will continue to monitor today and report back. Thank you @ben and Roon dev team.

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aaarrgghh…spoke too soon. Just had 2 random stops in a span of 5 mins playing from the same album.

Update…frequent stoppages now. Not sure what changed from this morning to now.