Random track shuffle from focussed not possible in 1.8?

Hi, please help me with the following use-case:
In 1.7 I could select a bunch of Albums with Focus and press shuffle.
One track will be played, no other tracks in the queue.
The Roon Radio automatically pick up the next one random from the Focussed Albums.
When Roon Radio selects the next, it gave me a heads-up and could thumb up (adds it in the queue) or thumb it down (pick next).

This seems not possible anymore in 1.8 or I cannot find it.
Yes, I know it’s possible to shuffle but that is not the same use-case.


Let’s not forget this roonlabs.

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Hi @Robbert_N

The way shuffle works was changed and no longer uses the Roon Radio UI for shuffling. The shuffled tracks are all added to the queue.

If you wish to remove some tracks from the queue you can right-click or long-press and to select the ones you are removing and then press Remove From Queue.

Yes, that’s ok for shuffle, but still, shuffling a big library is not great! UI-wise this gives some problems!

For random the old solution was superb. (not knowing what’s next, discovery of music, adding with thumb up to the queue)
Too bad it is deprecated and for me this is a major setback in what was a great feature.


Hi, is there going to be any action on this, or is it depricated?

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