Rasberry Pi 3 Setup with HQPlayer

Downloaded latest image for Rasberry PI 3 from HQplayer.Put on SDcard form the Rasberry PI 3 .On start up asking for a log in I’d ? Can someone please provide me with steps to install would really appreciate it ? Thanks

Should have just edited my other post…I’d go with dietpi as the support is pretty good here and it’s easier (imho) to setup as a beginner.

Dropping a pin for @jussi_laako who created the NAA image for RPi (for use with HQPlayer). My recollection is that it self-contained and doesn’t allow logging in or tinkering, but Jussi will likely correct me.

Logins for all users are disabled since there’s nothing much that could be done since it is very minimal image.

But of course if one wants to tinker with the contents, the filesystem on the SDcard (or the image straight) can be mounted on a normal desktop Linux system for modifications, etc. And that way one can enable logins too if necessary for some reason.

If someone uses HifiBerry or similar add-on card, the config.txt can be opened and edited on some ordinary computer before booting up.

Easier? How can something be easier than just dumping image on SDcard and booting it up. :wink: That’s all.

When it gives login prompt it’s ready for use. Nothing to be done, no installation or anything else necessary. Just use it. :slight_smile:

Usually one wouldn’t have any display or anything other than DAC, ethernet cable and PSU connected to it.

Got it to work.Was able before to upsample to dsd256 natively.Now with the Rasberry PI 3 best I can do is dsd 128 through dop.Missing something or is that the limitation of the Rasberry PI ?

Depending on your DAC it should work fine without DoP through the NAA too. Are you using the version 3.4.2 image?

Yes latest version.Was using natively 256 dsd without Rasberry With Rasberry only dsd 128 dop ?

When I set to none in sdm pack sdm option disappears in last window and only gives option of auto or pcm.

What is the DAC in question? Could be of course that I’ve made some mistake building the image too…

Its Simaudio Moon 280D DSD.i downloaded the image file to a Mac and burnt image to SDcard on the Mac that can’t be a problem ?

On what system did you get DSD256 before? At least it is not specifically supported with native DSD on Linux.

Windows 10 computer I did native dsd 256.

Did native dsd 256 on windows 10 computer.Only thing I did was add the Rasberry PI 3.

That’s the thing, you have native DSD ASIO drivers on Windows for it? That driver support on Linux is missing and RasPi is running Linux. It may be possible to add that, but it depends on what USB interface implementation they use.

Okay thanks.So then only a windows naa will work then to run at native dsd256.

Missed the bit about HQPlayer…Sorry @jussi_laako thats your baby :blush: I was basing it only of the topic…

Hi all,

which hardware setup is recommended in combination with the raspi?

Any disadvantages in case of Jitter in combination with raspi!

Where can i download the raspi image?

Thanks and greetings