Rasberry Pi 4 Display Out HDMI for TV and

I would like to output an image on my rasberry pi via HDMI output as in the rasberry display and via a USB DAC the sound.
I already have the sound output via the Meridian DAC but the picture output via the HDMI board on the rasberry is deactivated. Can you activate this.
I would be grateful for the help.

The output is deactivated by the choice of the developer on previous models but perhaps he can comment?

I’m not entirely sure… What software are you using? RoPieee?
With RoPieee HDMI is indeed disabled as it serves no function.

Sorry, I assumed Ropieee but I see no mention was made of OS.

Harry, I know not of what I write, but I use HDMi to feed 5.1 signals to my AVR via a NUC Rock.

Would prefer using a RPi and Ropieee if they collectively worked on 5.1. But from what I’ve read, RPIs are not 5.1 friendly.

Hello Spockfish!

I use Roopieee and Ropieee XL. Have been using Rasberry Pie 3 with a display for the display so far and wanted to switch to Rasberry 4. Since I couldn’t find a display for the R4, I tried to output a picture via HDMI, but it was disabled. I would find it very useful and especially for the software, as it creates a control monitor.

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Being able to view the Roon interface via HDMI from Rasberry pi4 using RoiPieee would be hugely useful, I wonder though if it is disabled for stability reasons when running as Roon Bridge?

Can’t with Ropieee as the HDMI is disabled. Works with other images and for this I prefer DietPi where I want to use HDMI. However, audio is output as 16 bit only and everything else is downsampled. This is the primary limitation and why a Pi is a bad idea if that bothers you.

What software are you using on the Pi? You can do this if you roll your own but it will require starting various bits of software on your own.