Rasberry Pi 4 Display Out HDMI for TV and

(Andreas Kilisch) #1

I would like to output an image on my rasberry pi via HDMI output as in the rasberry display and via a USB DAC the sound.
I already have the sound output via the Meridian DAC but the picture output via the HDMI board on the rasberry is deactivated. Can you activate this.
I would be grateful for the help.

(Henry) #2

The output is deactivated by the choice of the developer on previous models but perhaps he can comment?

(Harry ten Berge) #3

I’m not entirely sure… What software are you using? RoPieee?
With RoPieee HDMI is indeed disabled as it serves no function.

(Henry) #4

Sorry, I assumed Ropieee but I see no mention was made of OS.

(JohnV) #5

Harry, I know not of what I write, but I use HDMi to feed 5.1 signals to my AVR via a NUC Rock.

Would prefer using a RPi and Ropieee if they collectively worked on 5.1. But from what I’ve read, RPIs are not 5.1 friendly.