Rasberry Pi4 with Bluetooth Headphones


I’m totally new with ropieee and Pi stuff so the question might be stupid but here goes. I’ve been considering the Bluesound Node 2i as a Roon endpoint for my Sony Bluetooth headphones. This would be an easy solution but quite expensive only for that use. So could the same functionality be achieved with Pi4 as a Roon bridge transmitting Bluetooth to the headphones. Is this possible and can it be done only with the Pi or do I need a Bluetooth transmitter connected to the pi’s usb?

I believe it can be done via the Pi alone. This post might help and if you have questions I’ll try to help.

I think Harry @spockfish was getting BT support in Ropieee upcoming release.

Ive moved this to #audio-products:raspberry-pi area for now

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I’d have been better reading more carefully and seeing the Ropieee reference in the first place, cheers.

So did I understand correctly that the Pi could do it, but Ropieee does not yet have this feature?