Raspberry 4 + Ropieee 332 shutdown or reboot Roon can't find it [Solved]

(Penguin Zhou) #1

A few days ago I bought the Raspberry Pi 4, brushed into the latest rotieee, booted, the web console showed normal, but ROON could not find it. My ROON is running on the Synology 918+NAS. Restarting the NAS, ROON can discover Pi4, but the Pi4 is shut down or restarted, ROON can’t find it. You must restart the NAS. how to solve this problem?
PS: I am a Chinese user, English is very poor, thanks to google translation.

(Penguin Zhou) #2

The problem of booting order, you must first turn on the DAC, and then turn on the Raspberry Pi, wait for 5 minutes, ROON can find it.

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(Harry ten Berge) #3

Yes, was about to suggest that.

Although to be precise: there’s no need to turn on the DAC before you boot RoPieee. It’s just that you need to power up the DAC before the unit becomes visible in Roon.

(Penguin Zhou) #4

Thank you for your reply