Raspberry 4 + Ropieee 332 shutdown or reboot Roon can't find it [Solved]

A few days ago I bought the Raspberry Pi 4, brushed into the latest rotieee, booted, the web console showed normal, but ROON could not find it. My ROON is running on the Synology 918+NAS. Restarting the NAS, ROON can discover Pi4, but the Pi4 is shut down or restarted, ROON can’t find it. You must restart the NAS. how to solve this problem?
PS: I am a Chinese user, English is very poor, thanks to google translation.

The problem of booting order, you must first turn on the DAC, and then turn on the Raspberry Pi, wait for 5 minutes, ROON can find it.

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Yes, was about to suggest that.

Although to be precise: there’s no need to turn on the DAC before you boot RoPieee. It’s just that you need to power up the DAC before the unit becomes visible in Roon.

Thank you for your reply