Raspberry 4 via i2s to soekris 1021dac, how to do more than 24/192khz

Hello mayby you will help. I was testing this system: roon core on intel nuc, roon bridge raspberry pi4 with moode audio 6.2 ,next to usb xmos , next via i2s to soerkis dam1021 dac. Im plaing with upsampling to 352/384khz in roon audio, it plays laouder and more detailed then normal 44khz. Next test intel nuc with roon core ,roon bridge raspberry pi4 with moode audio 6.2 via i2s to dam 1021 dac. And in roon core seting it is limited to 192khz,of corse i dont se much difrence in sound quality by 44 and ups to 192khz, it just play poor vs prev config. My dam 1021 dont have i2s isolators, with xmos it plays clearer without isolators. Did rasp pi 4 can play via i2s more then 192khz? Plan is to play via i2s with Ianfifo pi reclocer. But im little scary that will be not good as xmos with ups to 384khz.Have any one tryed this connection? Mayby Ian canada fifo pi reclocer will do the job? Please help me!

I had no luck with Ians reclocker and even less with the DoP-DSD daughterboard via i2s on my DAM1021. I just used 3 wires and grounds to go from RPi3b (runs cooler than 4b) and gave up on anything above 24/192. let me know if you get it working and how.

some background and images here https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/pc-based/291261-cool-raspberry-pi-odroid-i2s-dsd-isolator-hat-native-dsd-decoder.html#post6047624

Why no luck? What was the problem? With lans reclocer? Looks good.

All in the Diy forum posts. I might try again sometime with the second board still sealed in its bag. I have 2 dam1021…the other in a vinshine r2r reference dac of which about 38 pieces were made. I know they guy who built them. I replaced that board when I blew it up with a new one from soekris but repaired it and used it in the pi build…blew up the balanced output buffer opamps and some resistors in case you wondered.

Any luck with more than 24/192?

Nope…not bothered by it tbh

With the isolated input for I2S on the DAM, you dont need a board from Ian canada fifo pi reclocer. The isolated input is already there, and the FIFO is also on board of the DAM. The problem is in the software, somewhere there is a fila were the clock frequenty is noted, and it could be edited to 384.
I don’t use the RPI, I use some other SBC from Odroid or FriendlyArm NanoPi Neo-Plus 2.