Raspberry audio settings

I have two installations on Pi. One with RuneAudio and one with MoodeAudio. One with IQaudio and one with Mamboberry. Both work fantastic as endpoints.

My question is, does the MPD and I2S settings in RuneAudio or Moode matter to Roon or will they be ignored and bypassed? Is there any audio settings that I can alter that will have effect on Roon audio?

I doubt whether you’ll encounter many MPD users here…

MPD and Roon Bridge both use Alsa. Roon releases the sound card when not in use – I don’t know if MPD does the same. Also – Moode and Rune use rather tailored distributions to their needs – not sure if Roon Bridge will install. In any case I would prefer installing Roon Bridge on a different SD card running Raspbian.

That being said – there’s no hurt in trying to install Roon Bridge and see how it goes. If it does not work out, all you’ll have to is to remove the service from systemd (systemctl disable roonbridge.service) and remove the install dirs (/var/roon and /opt/RoonBridge).

Thanks Rene for the answer.

I think I was a bit unclear in the question. I have Roon Bridge installed on both and it works excellent. So I can use all build in functions from Moode or Rune whenever I want and then use Roon. The advantage is that all build in futures as Airplay and I even got Spotify connect. For me I use Roon but if any other family member or guest wants to listen to anything else they can easily do.

But I think you answered my question anyway. As I guess the settings in both just alter settings in MPD not in Alsa. However in Rune you can alter sound signatures which change some system kernels settings. Wonder if that has any impact on Roon.

So an alternative to your excellent guides how to install Roon Bridge you could just get the Moode audio image or any distribution you like and then just run the install scripts. All settings including DAC can easily be altered in the GUI.

Thanks again.