Raspberry digione endpoint direct Ethernet connection


New user. Im trying to get my pi3/digione to connect directly to my roon core via lan.

When I connect them via router it works fine. But when I connect them together directly the pi is just hanging with the following text.

Waiting for mtp synchronization…

Im no computer expert. And I’ve been googling my fingers red hot with zero results.

Can someone figure this out?

Just connecting them together via a patch cable is not LAN connecting them! Connecting via your router IS connecting via LAN. What exactly are you trying to achieve and why?


As said im no computer expert. Patch cable is that what they also calls crossed?

I would like to connect my core pc to the endpoint directly so the data dont need to run through the router and a bunch of lan cables. I dont like the idea of having my endpoint connected to a noisy router.

Sorry for my lack of knowledge about what the different cables are called.

But you will connect it to an even noisier computer running the core…

Connection through the router is usual. A “direct” connection by Ethernet cable would require installing server software on your Core and is more trouble than it is worth.

Your RPi is most likely not getting an IP address…something the router will assign normally. It is also not getting an internet connection as a result and I think you probably meant NTP sync which is a time setting mechanism (Network Time Protocol)

do what works…you are complicating your experience trying to short cut something that is probably not going to gain you anything at all.

That said if you really must cable via such connectivity you really need to know more.

You might start by at least detailing what hardware and OS your core is running on so that comments can be replied on what may or may not be possible to get your goal achieved.

Well guy’s. I’ve been doing some reading ect. And you are absolutely right. It makes no sense trying to connect the output with the core. So im running it via the router now. I’ve completely overhauled the complete system.

As a core im running the new intel 6 core coffee cpu on a z370 board with 16gb ddr4. Windows 10 red edition. With roon.

Output is raspberry pi2 with the allo digione. Linear power supply. But I’ve ordered the briscati m12. It has lan and roon support. On my secondary setup I’m running the NADAC. Love the way it can work directly over lan as a endpoint for roon.

Thanks for all your inputs :slight_smile:

Nice specs. Does it sound good?

It sounds amazing. Kinda stumped over how much better it sounds vs my previous jriver setup. It just goes to show that even software can affect the sound. Crazy right?

But the ui and library on roon is light years ahead of jriver. And the connectivity is awesome and straight forward.