Raspberry distributions supporting Roon

Hi all

Just recently moved onto Raspberry pi based streamers while replacing some older Sonos equipment.

So far I have two Pi 4B’s, one connected to a Hifiberry Dac2Pro and the other connected to a Hifiberry Amp100. I started of by running RoPieee, but has since switched to HifiBerry OS in the search for a userinterface on the streamer which enables me (and everybody else) to see what is playing, play/pause, next/previous and adjust the volume. I know all of this is available through the Roon apps, but it is a bit tedious to have to pull out the cellphone in order to skip a song og advance to the next track.

So far my best bet for a setup which provides this is RoPieee combined with the 7" touch display and a remote control. But it seems like there are quite some Raspberry distributions with Roon support out there, so are there any others you guys would recommend I have a look at beside RoPieee and HifiBerry OS?

Thanks in advance & kind regards

I use Ropieee on RP3 and dietPi on RPI2. By the way RoPieee supports the official 7-inch Raspberry Pi Touchscreen

I’ve been very happy with Volumio on my four end-points.


And volumio supports hifiberry HATs out of the box?

Kind regards Jens

Yes, a wide variety, I have hifiberries and a couple of Allo hats