Raspberry + Hifiberry Digi interrupt play music

Hi guys,

I tested Dietpi with Raspberry 3B and Hifiberry Digi (standard).
Before I switch to DietPi, I use the hifiberry roon image without problems.

I like DietPi Solution much more and will switch to Allo Digione neyt time - so I give this solution a chance.

Installtion etc. is very easy! Fantastic!

But one problem: Sometimes the actual playing music interrupt for a second (all sample rates, same network infrastructure with hifiberry roon image).

I played with device options in ronn with no result.

Some tips so solve the problem ?


I enabled Ethernet and check it with cable.
I this case the music not interrupt.

Before I check two different Edimax USB - Wifi Adapter.
One of them is EW-7612UAn V2.

Both work well with hifiberry roon image.

The original Raspberry USB Dongle doesn’t work with dietpi.

I need wifi for this endpoint.

Any help? Power Management issue with the wifi dongle?

Listen music over wired network one hour.
The music interrupt also.
I play only 44k1 16Bit sample rates.

Today I checked different Power Suplies.
Same issue also with a brand new Pi 3B :frowning:

Yesterday I installed my new allo digione.
With the digione I can’t detectable any interrupt.

So it seems that there is an issue with hifiberry digi under DietPi.


Hi Daniel,

We recently upgraded our RPi kernel, please can you verify your running the same?

root@DietPi:~# uname -a
Linux DietPi 4.9.62-v7+ #2 SMP Fri Nov 17 23:52:26 GMT 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

If your kernel version is not 4.9.62, please update it with:

/DietPi/dietpi/func/dietpi-set_hardware kernel dietpi_rpi

Also, can you please confirm if the same issue with HiFiberry DiGi is occuring with other images (to exclude possible hardware failure).


I updated to the new kernel.
After the update I can’t connect to the Raspberry over WiFi.
I flash the Image to a new sd card. After the initial installation the Raspberry didn’t connect to my network.

Is it possible to jump to the older kernel? I didn’t make a image before updating the kernel :frowning:

Before update the new kernel I play music with the allo digi one without problems.


Also no connection with ethernet after update the kernel.

New image install the new kernel automatic…

So no chance to run my digione setup - damn !

Mr Knight,

is there a chance to help me?


Just to confirm:

  • on-board WiFi and Ethernet not functional on your RPi3, with latest kernel?

We are unable to replicate those issues here in testing.

Whats the output of?:

ifconfig -a

We do not offer previous kernels (web space), however, you can try the official RPi kernel with:

apt-get install rpi-update

Thanks for your reply!

Here step by step my procedure and Hardware.

Raspberry Pi 3 B
Allo digione
Edimax USB Wifi dongle

  1. Load the Image from dietpi website
  2. Copy with etcher to micro sd (check different cards)
  3. Enable Wifi and set my wifi parameter (static=false) in the dietpi.txt
  4. Put the Wifi dongle, digione and sd card into Raspberry Pi
  5. Switch on
  6. Wait
  7. Check the IP address in my Router
  8. Connect by ssh
  9. Following instructions
  10. The System load some files and reboot
  11. After reboot no connection possible. No entry in my Router Table under connected devices
  12. Put HDMI ro the Pi. There was a IP address information without IP address

One more reboot didn’t solve the connection failure.

I try different Pi, sd cards, Wifi dongles, router

Any idea?


Didn’t work

ifconfig -a

I try different points today…

Enable Onboard Wifi work!

After that I update to the new kernel with

apt-get install rpi-update

After that disable onboard Wifi and comnect to wifi


The connection seems o.k. I can see a message ntp updated.


No more connection

Switch to Onboard Wifi work fine.

With the old kernel the System work fine with the different edimax or the white original raspberry pi dongle.


Mister Knight,

do you see a chance to use a usb wifi dongle in my setup?



Could be an issue with kernel + driver for Edimax USB Wifi dongle.

We need to find out which Edimax USB Wifi dongle you are running, please paste results of this command:


  1. Edimax EW-7612UAn

  2. no dongle

  3. Raspberry Pi original dongle

  1. EDIMAX EW-7811UN

All of them work fine with other Pi images (Hifiberry, moode…)


From what I can work out, Linux can see the adapter fine “wlan0”. As the official RPi kernel has no effect, it may be a configuration issue.

Please can you paste results of:

cat /etc/network/interfaces
ifup wlan0; iwlist wlan0 scan

I will need to see your SSID and KEY’s to debug this fully. If needed, you can email me directly:

Email send with output