Raspberry Pi 3 adding gigabit ethernet dongle

HI, I have a older model Pi 3 v 1.2 the one without the gigabit ethernet onboard. Id like to use a gigabit adapter I have, its USB TP link gigbit. I know Im limited to the USB 2.0 bus speed but Its got to be faster than the 10/100 ethernet onboard. Question is how do I eneable it in dietpi while at same time using the onboard to SSH into it.


Why do you need to go faster than the 100Mb ethernet?
Even 32bit x2 x 192kHz is only 12 Mbps… that’s not really pushing USB2.0 hi-speed or 100Mb ethernet much.

Pi3Bv1.2 has the small issue with ethernet being on USB2.0 internally. Later model Pi3B+ improves that by moving ethernet off USB altogether. I don’t think adding a gigabit USB ethernet adapter really helps that. Have you been getting data dropouts or errors?


I agree with Andrew. The only thing you will notice when you connect a gigabit ethernet adapter is the light on your switch will detect it as a gigabit connection. You will never, never get a gigabit throughput via USB

Buy a raspberry 4, which separates usb and Ethernet buses, and probably costs less than a usb dongle! Or enjoy what you have, because 16/44 doesn’t push any networking boundaries.

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You guys are right. Not needed, just figured had one lying around however hard wired as it is no issue. I use a Hifidigi2 pro hat to output spdif out to my dac. THanks for the feedback…