Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and old 5V 1,5A Sbooster

I just bought and installed a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with RoPieee. I was suprised how easy it was. Tomorrow I’ll get the touch screen and a Digi+. The Raspberry replaces my old Squeezebox Touch. I was wondering, can I use my old Sbooster (5V, 1.5A) with this setup?

Ideally you’ll want a 5.1V 2.5A supply. However, your supply will likely be okay since the workload isn’t high.


The critical time will be at switch on, when the current requirements are usually higher. Might be worth checking the needs of each component to see if 1.5A hacks it in theory. Or just try it and see, worst case is a re-flash of the SD card.

The 3B+ will hit 1.4A at full tilt but that isn’t likely with Ropieee/ Roon Bridge. The B+ is more efficient than the B and I suspect it won’t exceed 500mA even at boot. Not sure about the display but again this is probably around 500mA.

Remember, the 2.5A is designed to accommodate peripherals too. You don’t need these.

No harm some in trying the supply.

If you add a touch screen you need more than that. A bog standard pi supply is 2.5a and adding the screen with any DAC connected or output had resulted in low power icon coming on with Ropieee with my 3b+ all the time. You run the risk of corrupting the SD card when this happens. Also could effect the performance. I found powering the screen separately was best but is not the most practical.

Thanks for all the replies. I’ve decided that selling the Squeezebox with the Sbooster probably a better choice for potential buyers, and stick to the regular adapter. It sounds pretty good, to be honest. We’ll see what happens when I add the screen.