Raspberry Pi 3 b+ - micro sd card

Hello Newb ? Here. In my current setup ive got my pc as core, control, and transport to my pro-ject s2 dac via usb then dac to main hi via rca. I have a raspberry pi3b+ on the way that i will be adding to further isolate my PC in the next room acting as core and memory bank for now til I isolate the library as well. Question is what exactly do i purchase for an SD card? Also i will be using riopeee with the raspberry. Thanks

You don’t need a very large microSD card to run Roon. 8GB or more works. I usually use 16GB because they are only a dollar or two more than the 8GB. It’s a little unclear from your post. Are you thinking you can run the Roon Core off the Pi?

Thanks for the reply @John_Aiello. My error on the post I wasn’t clear on the core portion. No my pc will be core as well as also saving library contents til I make that next move. Im taking things one step at a time as I grasp it all.:relieved:

If you have a RPi on the way won’t it come with a microSD card? Everyone I ever bought came with one.

I didnt see on listed in the description of the kit. Hmm I’ll take another look thanks.

@John_Aiello here it is…
V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ (Plus) Basic Starter Kit with Aluminum Alloy Pi Cooling Case [Latest Model 2018] https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07G1LMFRG/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1cLiCb37T82S1

So I probably should go ahead and order one then huh?

Don’t know if you have Ethernet, but I’ve read that metal cases interfere with the built-in WiFi.

Yes @xxx All my endpoints are connected ethernet. Not sure but by looking at the description I think maybe it palstic :thinking:. No it’s aluminum. Ok so no aluminum cases?

@xxx oh ok got it. Only interferes when you use WiFi with endpoints. I only use WiFi on phone in car for listening and as remote controls for Roon. Thanks

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Yes. Order one. None of the Pi’s I’ve bought came with micro cards. Also, I use metal cases but mostly Ethernet. One I use WiFi and have no issues with it, but there is strong signal in its location.

Thanks for the heads up. I ordered one along with my rpi3b+. My Ethernet is usually running near 100mbps as well. Really looking forward to trying out the rpi!

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Question is what exactly do i purchase for an SD card? Also i will be using riopeee with the raspberry.

RoPieee operates on a 4g card fine; only use larger capacity micro SD cards if easier to source a reliable brand that way.

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Thanks for the feedback. I did end up purchasing and 8 gb yesterday.

Hello @Nathan_Wilkes, yes the 8 gb worked great on the install. I didn’t realize that I needed to leave it in the rpi though lol. Thanks so much for the beginners guide! Helped me out tremendously! Using Ropieee with the rpi3+ has aloud me to place my server off in another room. Now all is networked. I did lose the ability to use my remote on the s2 to pause or play songs as well as skip forward or back with songs. Not sure why? Im using windows 10 on core.