Raspberry pi 4..HQ Player NAA


Need some help… Thought if this device could run as endpoint with HQ NAA…bit confused about…do i need else than the board itself and a case…Is there some facts to read
Running ROON ROCK to Project S2 DAC via usb… want to separate these 2 course ive heard its the optimal things to do…so…help…thnks

Of course Raspberry PI4 is a good platform to stream NAA.
You only need to flash an SDCard. NAA bootable software is here https://www.signalyst.eu/bins/naa/images/
Alternatively DIetPi is also a good choice, but requires some (simple) configuration post flash.
BalenaEtcher is a good choice to flash the SD Card.

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Alec…So i dont need HAT on top? Thats why im confused

No need for HAT if you stream USB to your DAC.

Thnks again Alec…Looking for DSD512 and MQA playback… possible on this device?

That depends on your DAC. Each DAC has to be patched into the Linux kernel to do native DSD. And there are DACs which do not work at all with Linix as they require Windows drivers. If you plan on using native DSD with Linux, I would contact the tech dept of your DAC manufacturer and ask them about using Linux and getting native DSD.

Note that the Project S2 DAC page says this, with regard to Mac / Linux systems:

You do not need a driver. The driver is already integrated in the operating system.

Just ordered the PI4 Model B, Memort card 16GB, 2 GB Ram, Case…psu…Have my own 5V psu from IFI that i wil use though…want to now…is there any tweaks i can do… before installing the HQ NAA Player?..of course for better sound in mind…