Raspberry Pi 4 no longer detecting Flirc USB

I am using a Raspberry Pi 4 with a Display and a Flirc USB dongle as a zone control (no audio) and all of a sudden Flirc is no longer responding!

Within the Remote settings Remote Control says None.

I have also noticed that Information tab USB FW Version now says Unknown

Any ideas?

@spockfish have sent you feedback. ID is 0cc79f8773805639

Hi @Guy_Brown1 ,

I’ve looked at your logs and your initial installation did not finish properly.
It was already a long time ago, so I’m a little bit surprised you made it this far without issues.

I suggest you reflash to make sure you have system which integrity is not compromised.


OK, that’s strange as it has been working for quite a while! I will try reflashing!

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