Raspberry pi 4b + IanCanada

Hi folks, new to this forum, but been using roon for a couple of years now with various pre built streamers dacs etc, I have recently purchased the pi4b (oh and I saw a 3b in my local cex shop and grabbed it also). I also got a bunch of IanCanada parts from Audiophonics to try my hand at a diy Streamer dac…I have put it all together and seems to be all OK apart from no sound, but music seems to be playing via the ropiee roon bridge. These are the parts I have cobbled together, all Ian Canada products, the pure pi psu, fifio pi Ma, dual mono es9038q2m dac hat, ess sabre 90x8 controller and iv std mkii output stage module, I believe I need another source of 12 volt power for the output stage, but how I manage to get this into the board is very sketchy as it’s a bare wire connection, Any help would be much appreciated folks, thank you.


Hi, Mark.

Pics? Links would be helpful, as well.

If this is what you’ve got

It looks to me as if the green block on the top right is the power connection. You need to connect +/- 12 volts to the two side posts, and ground to the middle. Should be marked on the circuit board.

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Hi Bill and thanks for the quick response…yes that’s exactly the rig, all be it without the xlr connection on the output stage…the green block is where the 12 volts of power connects to, but how do I get it in there…no ac/dc socket for a conventional psu, it’s a bare wire connection. It was easy enough for the fifo pi and the dac board as they could be powered from the pure pi, but it’s only capable of powering a 3volt and 5 volt unit.

This is my wee pi rig.lol


The print on the website is talking about 5 volt not 12 volt

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I’d buy a power socket, the thing a power supply would plug into, and strip the wires, then wire them into the block. Looks like you need both +12 and -12, so you’d have to find a power supply that provides both. Doesn’t Ian Canada have a forum where you could find someone who has done this before?

That’s a higher grade output stage…around £175…

I didn’t realise Ian Canada had a foorum I’ll check that out…thanks again for the help.

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It certainly looks cool. Are there schematics? Other documents? Doesn’t Ian Canada or maybe Audiophonics have a compatible power supply?

He has loads of different power supply units…but I need something local…that little lot raised me nearly £500…and then I got hit with the vat on the electronics entering the UK…thanks brexit. I’ll get the details of the kit I bought shortly…just working atm.

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You could build one:

Hey Mark, where did you find those cool spike feet?

Hi Mark…they were/are available on Amazon…I got the wrong size for the pure pi and had to drill the board so they’d fit…nerve racking experience…I thought I might kill the board but it was all OK.

Thanx for the quick reply bud. Hugely appreciated. I was looking for rpi spike feet , and should have been looking for pcb spike feet which ultimately found them. They are on the way.
Thanks again!