Raspberry Pi 4B temperature issues with DietPi 6.25

My Raspberry Pi 4B with DietPi 6.25 is running a bit warm, theres no way i can put it in a enclosure.
I even have tried a small heatsink, but it seems to be less effective than i’d like.

My idle temp stays on around 55-58°C even though i limited cpu frequency to 600Mhz. (on a Pi3B+ this would be around 39-40°C)

Actually my first Pi4B fried due to heat, so this is the second one running warm.

Anybody else seeing this?

Check out this video:

My Raspberry Pi 3B+ is running at 52-60 degrees for over 2 years now without the slightest hiccup. Version 4 is know to run even hotter. The temperatures you mention don’t seem that alarming to me.

Yeah my Pi3 has always run hot outside or inside the box it’s in. Been fine. The new ones have been mentioned many times they run hotter compare to the old one. I guess it’s a trade off of more power.

You all might be right, i’m overly cautious. But i tried covering up the Pi4 with a default chassi while playing back some upsampled music. (Over USB, no HAT) I immediately noticed the heat. I entered the DietPi GUI and it reported some 65°C…Thats too hot for comfort… Still underclocked at 600Mhz that is…

Perhaps it is alright with these temps, but it seems strange.

And no, i would never accept a fan on a low power device, then it’s faulty IMO! :wink:

Mine runs between 69-71 C (not underclocked). I ordered an aluminum case (Flirc) with thermal pad.


You also using DietPi?

No, RopieeeXL

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FYI with the flirc-case for the pi4 the temperature dropped to 43 - 46 'C


Excellent, i just ordered one of those. Pretty expensive but seems like a good quality casing. :slight_smile:

The temperature of my RPI4 in its original housing with Ropieee was 63 C.

Now in its new housing it dropt to 45 C while playing for hours.