Raspberry Pi 4B with a 5v 2 amp Power Supply work?

Am really keen to install Ropieee to a 4b 2g, I have purchased a Mark 1 version of the Ifi I Power. Just noticed that I need a USB C adapter to power this Pi which sadly didn’t come with the MK1 - will a 5v 2amp USB C Samsung phone charger temporarily power it or am I best waiting for the adapter to arrive?. Thanks

That power supply is below the 3 amp requirement (I have seen it stated that 2.5 amp is the bare minimum, but that depends on attached peripherals). I would wait for the adapter to give you the best chance of the RPi running without issues.

I have looked at the chargers I have here and wonder if an Anker Powerport +1 may work it says that 3.6-6.5v it outputs at 3amps?.
Come to think of it that may be to powerful even though it’s a USB charger think it’s 18w or something. So probably best waiting as you say.

Both of my RPi4Bs are powered via PoE hats and have touchscreens on them. One of them powers a Topping E50 DAC in addition to the screen. I measured total power draw on the one with the screen and the DAC at 12W with a PoE tester.

2A (10W) is plenty to power a bare Pi4B.

The Anker Powerport would be fine too. A USB charger can’t be too powerful. It supplies the correct voltage and the device it’s powering pulls as much current as it needs within the limits of the charger’s capabilities.