Raspberry Pi Display Question

I just build a Pi4b with an Akasa GemPro case. I didn’t use their supplied thermal materials. They were dried out and useless anyway so I used Arctic silver paste and pad. The temp of this unit is 10 to almost 20 degrees less than my three other Pi’s; another 4b and two 3b’s. It got me to thinking. Can I use the Akasa GemPro and feed the display signal to my 7" display?

IDK, but maybe if you modify the case to get the ribbon cable out. I had thought about trying to do that with a FLIRC case. And, drill some holes for the power cables.

The Akasa case has an opening on that end of the board, so it seems you could connect to the display with a longer cable. I see they’re available in a lot of sizes.

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