Raspberry PI no longer recognized

After the latest Roon update 2.0 build update, I can no longer see my Raspberry PI as an audio device, but I do see it in the about section. Is the issue because the PI is using Roon bridge 1.8?

Just checking, but did you look in Settings/Audio to make sure it is enabled? I had to re-enable mine after the last update for some reason. I also had to re-enable the extension for the screen (if that applies for you).

You might also check to see if you can access the WebUI for RoPieee.
Have you tried rebooting the RPi?

I am embarrassed to say user error on my part…… when I was organizing I pulled at the usb cable a little bit from the PI to my dac and that was the culprit! It did force me to update to the latest flash of the Ropieee software. What a senior moment. Ugh. At least that is all it was!