Raspberry Pi power supply

Here is a pretty exhaustive discussion and comparison of power supplies for Raspberry Pi Roon endpoints:


The Dragonfly Red seems to be a good indicator for electricle noise. I have the 50-60Hz noise using a Pi 4 with ropieee and the Dragonfly as a headphone amp.Conncted via wifi . If I am using the standard powersupply the noise is loud. With an Anker USB C quick charger it’s less but still there. When I am using a powerbank there is no noise at all and the sound improofment is hearable. I am not sure if the ifi powersupply would be better but I would like to use the Pi with a powersupply insted of the powerbank. Can anybody give an advise for a cheap but clean power supply? Cheers

Okay! Solved! And it is the same performance like the Powerbank!! I have this

now in use.
This is really good. I will add a condensator on the output side but without condensator it is already without any hearable noise.

That’s amazing for that small money. I will do some more sound tests .