Raspberry Pi + RoPieee ... low volume on one particular DAC?

I’ve been having fun experimenting with my RoPieeeXL-enabled Raspberry Pi, but when I connect the Pi to my Parasound HINT6 Integrated’s USB input, the volume is much lower than with any other input or USB device. I can turn the HINT6’s volume control all the way up to 99 before it’s marginally loud.

“Force Volume” is off.

Other DACs seem to have normal volume behavior with the Pi, and when I plug my mac mini into the HINT6 via USB, it exhibits normal volume behavior.

Any ideas why volume is low on this one DAC for the Pi?

Did you ever get this sorted? I have the same problem with a Parasound P 6.

haha, well, I must have, because it’s fine now.

I don’t know that I solved it, though. The Pi i was initially using, I installed a Pi2AES HAT, and moved it to a different system with an I2S-input DAC.

Eventually I picked up a second Pi and that one seems to be fine with the HINT6’s USB.

I kind of forgot about this thread, as there was no action on it!