Raspberry Pi Support [Released in Roon 1.2]

I’ve got a spare Raspberry Pi 2 I’d love to try too.

I abandoned after trying (unsuccessfully) with Squeezeplug - via USB into Chord Hugo - but just couldn’t get rid of those pops and crackles.
Volumio worked fine, but all I wanted it for was Qobuz streaming and that wasn’t an option with Volumio.

Some say its the USB bus being shared on the Pi that causes the pops and crackles, but Volumio seemed to have got it to work so it must be possible. I never bought the HifiBerry Digi+ in the end, but if that were required for Roon it would be OK too.

[thinking about it, scrap the Digi+ bit, I’d ideally need USB into my Devialet for integer mode etc.]

I would love to see a Roon Speakers for RPI but with the new touch display, too!

I’m using an RPI 2 with a Hifiberry isolated Digi+ board running Volumio—attached to a Devialet 800. It’s great because with an Edimax AC600 802.11ac adapter I can play DSD64 files that reside on my NAS via SPDIF (Devialet Air can’t do DSD over PCM).

There’s also now an official 7" touch display from raspberrypi.org, which, turns out, can be installed along with the HifiBerry cards. While I wouldn’t expect the RPI 2 to be able to render the complete Roon UI, it would be amazing to implement just the ‘now playing’ screen with some basic touch controls…


PS This is essentially what a Squeezebox Touch was. Amazing how far ahead of the curve the Slimdevices team were. At least from a hw perspective. Roon is light years ahead on the sw side…

Even now the Airplay Solution sounds ok with redbook files.

via Twitter; John Darko reporting from RMAF:


Yup :smile:

I’ve had the same setup driving my headphones all week. It’s not quite fully baked for release yet, but we’re getting close.


That’s RoonSpeakers running on the RPI?

Yup. Exactly.

Nice! Great to see progress in this area, can’t wait.

As for audio quality, try to connect the rpi over i2s to a dac…

Now that is exciting… Might just hold off the Aurender purchase for a bit longer.

I know what you mean, looking at my Aries somewhat askance.

I believe this means my Wandboards will become Roon endpoints with or without support for Squeezebox players.

I second Mark’s reMarks. Actually, the Rpi plus Digi+ board does sound in most fields far better than the same dacs (Chord QDB76 HDSD and Hugo) via USB on a Mac Mini using Audirvana 2 or JRiver 21 (and three others). Only the top high is just slightly more aggressive but I’m sure HifiBerry would love to further stabilize their already good clock at low cost. Even for people with high end systems the Rpi and Digi+ might form a nice second (third, fourth and fifth) playout point.

Curious how close we’re getting :slight_smile: . Close enough to make it for the Holiday season :innocent: ?

Here in the Netherlands Sinterklaas is the big event, on the evening of Dec 5th…

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Was just checking out PiCorePlayer again as I was getting a RPI ready with a hifiberry digi+ board.
And found they now support the 7" touch screen and with jivelite create pretty much a logitech touch experience.

Curious what form the RPI support for Roon is getting and whether it will support features like PiCorePlayer has. I.e. run fully in memory so there are no card corruptions wehn you pull the power.

For starters Roon supporting squeelite will go a long way (as that allows me to use picoreplayer as the front end), but will be interesting to switch to a roon protocol, assuming some feature set is in place alongside.

Squeezelite works just like a regular hardware based Squeezebox.

Indeed, I am expecting it to work just fine.

It does, it’s been tested along with the SB family.

Thx. Appreciated.

Although formally excluded from supported devices in the release notes, it runs indeed fine for me on an RPI with PiCorePlayer. Bit perfect, sounding great with a hifidigi+.

Nice way to tie me over till the formal rpi build comes.

Squeezebox support is also working for me on the RPI2.

I already had Volumio set up, I installed the debian squeezelite package on top and it worked with no issues.