Raspberry Pi with screen - a few questions

Hi all,

I am wondering about building a raspberry pi with a screen running ropieee. I don’t want to use it as an endpoint, just to show whats playing. I understand you only have minimum control, which is a bit of a shame.

Has anyone build one and found they don’t use it, or that it doesn’t offer much over a phone or tablet? I am thinking I might quite like one on my desk, but then I could just look at Roon on the PC. I could also see one in the living room and/or the kitchen.

I also haven’t found any nice cases, has anyone got any recommendations?

I built one. Couldn’t find a case that worked with the screen and my HAT in a sleek way and it got on my nerves with cables coming out at odd angles so I sold the bits. Now have ropieee on a Pi and hat and use phone/iPad.

Both of my screens and pi’s are in a cupboard not being used at the moment. One got replaced by my Naim Atom, the other a Bluesound Node 2 I honestly can say I have not missed the screens.

I used this stand for both of the Pi’s I built with the 7 inch display. I also used this splitter to power the Pi and screen independently from one power brick. Some cables slightly visible but I’m happy with the end result.


I had a weak moment while on eBay and bought a Nap100, the Atom has someone to play with now.

Ive posted a couple of screen case option so try search here for them in. I use mostly as a display for 2 of my 3 units, the other is a model case with iquaudio digiamp board that powers a pair of bookshelve speakers in the bedroom.

Cases were from Farnell/Element14 for the bedroom and others were RS Online units

I threw one together for a ‘What’s Playing’ only display using this enclosure bought from Amazon.

That’s the RS online case…same as

I have two and plan for two more. Have the HATs DigiOne & ApplePi in service, the latter replacing a Boss DAC which I will put back into service when I buy more screens and RPis. Haven’t decided which HAT I’ll use for the 4th.

I love having the screen with some albeit limited control.
Me, I dont mind the wires coming out of the top – or I’d buy right angle connectors or adapters if I did – and dont mind the coverless back. But I do plan to make something to protect the board & pins eventually.

Note that trimming of the case is necessary to accommodate the connectors; and each hat needs a different cutout.

Here a modified 7” display case, and HiFiBerry Amp2, works great!

Thanks all for the replies.

I like those stands, although they look difficult to get in the UK.

This would be my worry, although I expect i might like it on my desk.

I will check these out.

I prefer the RS Online case… easier to assemble and access the hat if you need to. Plus its a bit more hat friendly and sits a little more upright. Also comes in clear and black

Nice. I did consider one, but then box counts rising again. How does it sound compared to just the Atom? Big improvement?

I took off the bass lift I had put in DSPas it grips my speakers more. Deinitely got a bit more guts but not night and day to be honest.
I should add it’s day one and the significant other has been home…

Interesting, I would hope for a bit more myself if adding one, not that I need one mind. Just added NAC A5 speaker cable to mine, now that changed things more than I imagined it would. Now got to get a dealer to fit the Atoms nasty Naim plug, struggling to keep the current bananas on and for the life of me cant get them on myself.

I just use normal banana plugs.
I moved off that cable because of the 20ft bend radius.

I know its horribly inflexible. But I like what I am hearing.

Hi @ged_hickman1
I got the official Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen display and the case fro thepihut UK. Its similar to the one posted by Wakajazz. In case a hat is being used, you will need to remove the screen power connectors from the 40 pin interface and use 2 seperate power inputs