Raspberry Pi4 displays track rapidly on Roon screen but doesn't play

I have a Raspberry Pi4 loaded with the latest Ropieee. Ropieee.local is set to USB audio. The USB is connected to a Benchmark DAC3. Roon sees it as a Benchmark DAC with Ropieee. When I select a track in Roon using the Pi4 as the end point it appears to play the track on the display within a second but no steam is connecting to the Benchmark so no sound. I tried using my PeachTree Audio DAC-it X and it behaved the same way. I also have a Pi3/Hifiberry hat combo - it plays fine. Thoughts on the Pi4?

Can you send me feedback? You can find it on the advanced tab.

Thanks Harry!

RoPieeeXL Upgrade - off
Update Channel - Stable
Update Schedule - On Boot
Reboot Schedule - Never
Reboot Time 03:04 AM
Alarm clock - off
SSH Access - ON
Web Authentication - off
Web Password

Sorry. Hit the ‘send feedback’ button and post the ID over here.

Duh - I missed that…
unique identifier d86db9e7036c48e6


There are a lot of ‘format not supported’ errors in the log.
With the Benchmark you change the USB operation mode (1 or 2). It’s now in 1. Can you switch it to 2?


Hi Harry, Thanks so much - that was it!! Streams normally now! I will get to listen later today - cannot wait! Thanks!!

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