Raspbery Pi and IQAudIO boards

Here’s a link:

The main difference are mentioned in a blog he posted a while ago:

"Sharing the same great support of all current audio applications the Pi-DAC PRO brings differential (balanced) output support, fantasying SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio), a miniDSP as well as the standard RCA (Phono) and headphone amplifier.

A great way to bring the World of Raspberry Pi audio to the Stage / Radio / Studio or home where balanced output is a real bonus."

Any news on the metal enclosures?

And is it possible to improve the audio quality in your Roon firmware even more by using the recommended settings as published here in segment B under Conclusions:

Paused but not forgotten :slight_smile:

as for /boot/config.txt - you can edit this to your heart’s delight by inserting the SD card into your regular PC.


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Jean, just download the pcm5xxx Roon img file from www.iqaudio.com/downloads

Flash to SD card and insert in Pi. It will just work.


@Gordon_Garrity, can you adjust the image, so we can use the full 32-bit/384kHz capabilities of the DAC on your boards, please!

We know it is possible, as also proven in this thread, but it would be awesome to see it in your RoonReady images.

Hello Gordon
Thx a lot
Is it the new calendar ne latest update ?

Is anyone having it successfully connected to wifi using the latest firmware of IQaudIO?

Besides the fact there seems to be an incompatibility with Apple Extreme routers as mentioned on:

Hi Gordon,

Which image can I use with my pi Zero/pi dac zero combo? I notice that the latest RC7 says that pi zero is not supported. I tried Squeezelite on Max2Play but something isn’t right as there is just digital noise (quiet noise), the IQaudio test image plays fine, so just wondering how to build a roon ready dac as per your comment above.


We don’t have a Roon Ready image for Pi-Zero. The DACZero can be used on a regular Pi3 or you should be able to use rune bridge for the Pi-Zero.

I’m excited to have my DAC+ arriving soon. To stop myself from hitting refresh on the shipment tracking page all day, I’m trying to research the setup while it is in transit, so I have a few questions for those who have experience with such things:

  1. Is the advantage of the IQaudIO Roon-ready images just a matter of convenience? Or are there advantages in sound quality or reliability? I’m new to the Pi, but I didn’t have any trouble using the instructions elsewhere on this site to set up Rasbian Jessie Lite to make my Dragonfly Red into a Roon endpoint. Is there any specific distro that has a sonic advantage with the Pi DAC+?

  2. Is it really a problem to use the onboard wifi of a Pi 3 with the DAC+ and Roon? If so, are the problems subtle sound quality issues or easily noticeable dropouts and lagging? I’m not throwing any DSD or super hi-res files at it. The most I would likely be asking it to play are Roon-decoded MQA files from Tidal (24/96?) whenever that comes to pass. I’ve measured the wifi connection speed of the Pi 3 at 24Mbps in the location I plan to use it. I can give it a wired connection if it would improve sound quality, but it wouldn’t be easy.

  1. I have used the DietPi image with good success, but have not compared SQ with the IQaudIO image. The minimal process count is at least theoretically beneficial to sound quality, and logging to RAM protects against corrupting the SD card on power failure. DietPi: creating a lean-and-mean Roon Bridge

  2. I definitely had some issues with dropouts using the built in Wfi with the RP3. Using a USB wifi dongle was a clear improvement (if you cannot go wired). The RP3 went from hourly dropouts to once per day or less.

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I’m using the volumio images and just added the roon bridge to this…what I liked about the volumio image is that I can plug in a USB drive and play from that with just a web browser, on my old iPads etc… and use roon when I want RAAT happening.

Of course only one app can control at a time.

With the RPi the volumio image creates its own wifi hotspot too. Handy to take on a trip with you and run with headphones.

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Just finished assembling my DAC+. I painted the case, so it wasn’t plain black. I just tried to SSH in to play with wifi to see if it is usable, but the default pi/raspberry login results in access denied. Earlier in the thread there was mention it had returned to the defaults so people could configure wifi…did that change? I’m using RC7. I have it wired and Roon has picked it up fine so all appears well there…just can’t login via SSH.

And a second question, I assume the RoonReady IQAudio image doesn’t support USB output to an external DAC? I have an Oppo BDP105 as well and wanted to play around w/ the DAC+ vs the USB input via the Oppo. I can’t get it to work so I’m guessing that’s not possible and I"m going to have to roll my own on another SD card to play with USB. Can anyone confirm?

So far, I’m impressed for the $$$$. I see more of them in my future.

you could try Dietpi. Many here including myself are using it to great effect and the support is great.

Thanks @Tony_Reimann I was just reading about DietPi and plan to try that tomorrow. Seems quite simple, my core is running on a re-purposed laptop running Linux so I already know how to do the roonbridge linux install.

even there you will be surprised - just mark it, and it will install. You will not look back. I updated my three diet-pi’s yesterday, it was a breeze.

Yep, you really don’t have to install anything, just select what you want from the menus and it is all done for you.

Hi, ssh is blocked. For WiFi just follow the README instructions on the PC readable boot partition. Case looks cool.

USB - no, sorry.


Thanks everyone. I just finished installing DietPi and RoonBridge…best of both worlds, and was dead simple. Now I can play with both the IQAudio DAC and my Oppo…interesting to see how they compare.

Roon remembers the RoonReady line art for the DAC (for now at least).