Rationalising album collection

Hi, I’m three days into my Roon trial and overall I love it - I think I’m likely to take the plunge. I’ve been getting my head around the complexity of it all (there’s certainly plenty of that!) and I’m slowly getting there. But I have a question… I’ve got about 2500 albums/ 20K songs on an SD drive - some FLAC, lots MP3, all in a bit of a mess - and a Qobuz account. I’ve been working through the albums view under My library, favouriting the albums I want to focus on, and manually choosing/favouriting Qobuz FLAC versions of these where Qobuz’s version is better quality than mine. I think that will ultimately give me a view - if I click on the :heart: under My Library > Albums - of the best quality versions of the albums I like the most. That’s right, isn’t it? Forgive my ignorance but is there a more streamlined way of doing this? It’s going to take a long time to do it manually… Thanks in advance for any power tips!

The quickest way is to do this entirely out of Roon.

Sign up for Soundiiz for a month (just a few £). Connect your Qobuz account.

Create a simple CSV list of all your mp3 music (and your FLAC music if you want). You could export this from whatever program you used to use (iTunes) but there are countless ways to do this. Most important thing is that the CSV contains info on artist and album title.

Now upload this to Soundiiz and search in Qobuz for matches. It probably won’t find everything, but will find most things if your metadata is nice and tidy (if not, use a program like Tagscanner beforehand to tidy).

Now you have all your mp3 albums added to Qobuz. Open up Roon and it should sync straight away. You might have to go through and bundle any duplicates together (sometimes Roon misses matches) click both versions of same album, click edit, and ‘group alternate versions’.

That should be it. If you have Roon set to choose best version then it should work that way. If you use Roon ARC you can still download/play mp3 versions on the go.

Now make sure you cancel your Soundiiz sub before the month ends.

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Great, thanks for the quick and helpful reply. I already signed up to Soundiiz to sync my Spotify playlists when I moved to Qobuz and come to think of it I don’t think I ever cancelled…maybe a small part of me knew this would happen :slight_smile:

And Roon can do this for you, too. Go to Albums view, and use focus to select either MP3 and FLAC, or the storage location, select all, and export. You’ll be presented with an option for Soundiiz.


I’m doing this now… but this step has confused me: ‘Now upload this to Soundiiz and search in Qobuz for matches’

I’ve added the mp3 albums to Soundiiz (there were 200 errors but in the scheme of things I can live with that). It’s now a playlist within Soundiiz. How do I add it to Qobuz?

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I think this should do it…

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Whatever you settle on doing, make a backup of your Roon database, otherwise you will lose any customisations you have made if you have a hardware issue or need to move Roon to another system after the trial period.

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Thanks so much to you all for your tips. All done now. Still lots of housekeeping to do but nowhere near as much as before. Thanks again :slight_smile: