Ravenna and AES67?

Is this code you could use if you decided to support Ravenna/AES67 in RoPieee? https://www.merging.com/products/alsa_ravenna_aes67_driver

Not sure if RoPieee qualifies as a commercial product or not. Just because it’s “free” doesn’t necessarily make it non-commercial. It depends on the language in their agreement.

I also think this is something that would be better solved by Roon integrating it directly, like they do for Sonos, Squeezebox, etc. Do you really want a separate RoPieee for each AES67 endpoint? Granted, I don’t see the demand for Roon to implement this, since AES67 is really a pro-audio usage for recording studios and concert/sports venues rather than a home/“audiophile” solution.

I was actually wondering if the source code would be usable for the RoPieee platform. I do not currently see any use for this myself. As you say, maybe better for Roon, but then it must be available for Win and Mac too (which I guess it is…)

Again, that’s mostly a legal issue, not a technical one.