Re-Organizing Library (automatically move music files)

With iTunes (the Windows application) you could run “organize library” which moved all audio files from their current location into a single top directory and from there into sub directories based on Album Artist and Album. It also renamed the music files accordingly.

Is that possible with Roon too? I have various folders with music and I want all sounds Roon has successfully identified to be moved and renamed.

No. Roon doesn’t do anything with files.

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Yes but is there an Extension or external software that can be used to achieve this?

Mp3tag will do those sort of operations.

I have that software and I love it … but it doesn’t know what songs are identified by Roon.

In that case I’m out of ideas. Someone else might be able to help.

MediaMonkey works well for this. Why do you want to treat identified albums differently? What’s identified will change over time as Roon’s cloud database is updated.

How does MediaMonkey know what files are identified by Roon? Couldn’t find any setting or Addon that adds support for this.

I have various storage spaces and simply want to move everything to a single one … but again, only the files which are identified by Roon.

This makes no sense since the set of albums identified by Roon will change over time. Why do you want to do this?

You could use Roons export to copy them over to a different location not sure if this works for DSD encoded files but there is no way to move them. Roons mantra is to leave the original files alone and rightly so if you ask me.


The export function is likely the best solution here and you can use the Focus feature to select only the albums which have been identified. You will end up with a set of folders named by Roon’s artist with albums filed underneath. I did this once with my entire library and it did work as intended. You’ll need to re-import the files and Roon will need to identify them again but the export process makes it much easier for Roon to do this without many issues.


Thank you very much! I’m absolutely fine with just copying them. While I wish Roon wouldn’t modify all metadata but maybe just add ROONID I think I can live with that. Before export I can tell Roon to use all metadata from the files so nearly no metadata gets changed.

I noticed “a few bugs” with the exported files, mainly with the embedded cover arts. Roon “is doing it wrong”. I guess there’s a bug report form? :slight_smile:

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