Re-Scan Music Library. How quickly does Roon pick up newly added songs?

I’m back :confused: When adding new songs to a collection, how long does it take Roon to recognize the addition and add it? Is there a way to force re-scanning of the library? Likewise, for manually created (or changed) m3u playlists, how long does it take Roon to recognize those?

I add albums rather than songs. When I add a new local album it appears in Roon as soon as I add it to a watched folder. If I’m adding a bunch then analysis might take a few seconds, but the albums appear immediately.

Brian explains what the Force Rescan option does here.

I’ve found recognition to be almost instantaneous when adding or amending tracks.

I found the Settings / Storage / Music Folder / Force Rescan. That didn’t take long - and everything updated as expected.

I add files to a watched folder on an Firewire-attached 4TB drive, and it’s virtually instantaneous. OS X 10.11.4.

I ripped three new CDs last night, and placed them into my music folder. Server is on an external USB drive connected to an iMac desktop. El Capitan OSX -10.11.4. The additional CD files were visible immediately.

On a regular (almost weeky) basis I add a few albums to my Synology NAS. Usually they don’t appear immediately, however as soon as I restart Roon, after 15-30 seconds they all appear as newly added. This works fine for me. I guess it’s even quicker if the music doesn’t sit on a NAS but rather on an SSD or similar.

Let me know how to send the log files to you (and where to find them on my server machine).

Firewall isn’t an issue. Tried selecting the library - that didn’t help. The problem is intermittent - although the amount of time that Roon remains connected (when it rarely does connect) is very short. I’ve rebooted everything. I even did a firmware update on my router.

Another observation. RoonServer is using an inordinate amount of the CPU and memory from my server machine. (Typically running 10% CPU - spiking into the 20% - 30% range - and using 500,000 to 1,000,000 KB of ram. The RoonServer is installed on the Windows 2012R2 Server’s SSD drive; the Server has an Intel i7 @ 3.5 Ghz CPU and 32 GB of ram.)

I can confirm that I got the same on Synology NAS. I need to Stop and Start manually the server in order the new playlists to be visible.