Read instructions before downloading

Suggestion to force customers to read the instructions before downloading updates.

Ive been on Facebook, reading in disbelief the amount of people that just took ARC from the App stores, logged in and then complained it didnt work!

Some of these were before the official release and the core update was even live!

Just sent a guy who was struggling instructions, after he replied " whats port forwarding"

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Just tick the T &C box , then Accept the license conditions and rush to play

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do ?/?

It happens with every version and build update. People with exotic set ups get excited. KISS really does work :smiling_imp:

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I agree, keep it simple. I ran a free trial on my laptop. That was obviously going cause problems long term. I did my research, built a nuc and i dont think ive even turned it off in the last two years. Runs flawlessly.

I ran my desktop on Windows for years then went NUC/ROCK 6 months ago

Just works, buy RAM it’s cheap :joy:

Exactly. And yours worked on windows, mine crashed, ran slowly and i wanted something always ready to run. Too many variables in a laptop. Depending on whatever other software is on it i guess. Im no techy when it comes to computers. I had to have a liitle read to set up my port forwarding. What i didnt do is go on Facebook telling everyone that ARC is rubbish

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