Readin' and Groovin'

So I’m reading Desert Star, a novel about Harry Bosch, the LA detective (also apprearing in an Amazon series). Anyway, Harry happens to be a jazz fan.

And the author salts the story with names of jazz tunes Harry’s listening to at the time. I decided to follow along, so I crank up Roon, enter the name into the now-useful-and-much-improved Search box, and Voila! Instant background music for my reading pleasure.

Two cuts thus far. “Blackbird” by the Shelly Berg Trio, and “A Whiter Shade of Pale” by King Curtis.



Well worth watching. I wish they made more.

The spin-off series, Bosch: Legacy is also very good.

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And the theme tune is

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thanks for the ID. A haunting tune.

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It’s on Amazon not Netflix, it’s an enjoyable show, he also has a nice rig that he listens on.


thx; fixed. I know better than relying on my memory.

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