Ready Made Roon Core Options


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It occurs to me that since you are concerned about what machine the Roon software runs on, you must have the rest of your system set up to your liking.

We all like HiFi porn. You should post here -

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DancingSea, you may enjoy reading this.


From that review
Does this mean that all servers—all data sources—sound the same? Unless they put noise on their physical outputs, cannot handle the load, manipulate the data in some new way, or are simply faulty, the data they output should be identical. On the other hand, studies have found small differences in the DAC output when S/PDIF data sources are used—so, strictly speaking, bits are not bits. The measured differences, though, are probably too small to be audible and USB/LAN sources have not yet been shown to be similarly affected.

In any case, stumbled across an open box nucleus on music direct last night. Free shipping. No tax.

It’s on its way. This will be my last attempt to make Roon sound good enough. Will use my excellent sounding Roon Ready iFi ZenStream with Elite power supply.

If it still sounds mediocre, I’ll put Roon back in the closet and do a home trial of the entry level Aurender.


If you try the Aurender, let us know what you think of it!

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Current thinking is to order the Nucleus and an Aurender and have a shootout. Side by side.

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A Roon Nucleus will sound no better or worse than any other Roon core computer. I have a Nucleus and Dell laptop, no difference in SQ.


@Jim_F if true, the Nucleus shall be returned and I wash my hands of Roon.

There are many who say the Nucleus sounds better than a consumer computer. That is the hope.

It certainly works better and is totally silent.


Simply this is not apple to apple comparison - a ROON Core + DAC = CD/SACD player. I am using a Auralic G2.1 DAC, play Hi-Res music, sound quality is the same or even better than my CD/SACD play (OPPO205).

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Will be an interesting experiment!

Truly doubt anything you’re proposing will make a difference in sound quality as compared to the Mac mini. Sounds like you’re buying into the world of computer audiophile BS. :frowning:



To clarify, I am doing home auditions to see for myself rather than rely upon forum philosophical ramblings.

The Nucleus and the Aurender N100H will be here next week. We shall see which, if any, best the iFi ZenStream with Elite Power Supply.

Only after those real world in home auditions will I “buy into”’anything :upside_down_face:

I have already concluded that the Mac Mini is inadequate as a music server. Of that I’m certain.

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Only the suggestible would say that.

Roon has never advertised the Nucleus as being able to improve the sound. If it could improve the sound, I would expect Roon’s marketing division to trumpet that.

Roon has always sold the Nucleus as a turn key device and that, apart from silent operation, is it major benefit.

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Your test won’t be valid if you know which one you’re using.

Yet, you seem to have made up your mind:

A point previously made is that the core should not influence what you hear. Jim simply confirmed this.



Check out YouTube. The Roon CEO waxes poetically about how the Nucleus sounds better than a typical computer.

Huh? My mind is only made up to doing some auditions.

That’s how this hobby works. We buy things, try them out, and decide whether or not to keep them.

I will reach a conclusion about the Nucleus and Aurender after listening to them in my system.

What more can you expect from anyone? Should I hire a university to administer a double blind study of me listening to gear?

All any of us can do is try stuff out and see if we like it.

That is the sound of silence. Because a “typical computer” has a cooling fan.