Real time lyrics?

I had understood that, after the last upgrade, lyrics would sync with a song whenever a clock appeared next to the mike icon. Am I wrong? All lyrics behave exactly like before both in my Mac and iPad, no syncing in any case.

In the web display, not the normal lyric display.

That’s what I"ve also been wondering: why not in the normal/default display, the Roon (Remote) app itself? I know it doesn’t, but I haven’t read a reason not to do it. Is it technically difficult, is it a design/UI choice? Not environmentally friendly, to have to use a second screen. I get that some people use it because they like it, but it would be nice and logical to also have the functionality in the Roon (Remote) app itself.

You don’t have to use a second physical screen, surely - just fire up a browser on your remote?

As to why it’s not done in the current incarnation of the Roon UI, it is using a completely different set of UI technologies. It probably wouldn’t be worth the effort to try and shoehorn the two together. A more logical approach would be to develop the feature as part of the redesign and re-write of the Roon UI that is currently underway.

Hi Geoff, true. Forgot to mention that, but although on the same device, it still means switching between two apps. However, your answers are very clear. Makes me look forward to the re-write of the UI even more though! (I know, no guarantees… :wink: )