Real time sync between Nucleus drive and QNAP NAS

I just ordered an SAMSUNG SATA 8TB SSD drive for my Nucleus.

Currently I am storing my data in a QNAP NAS, all music data is backed up to another QNAN NAS using Hybrid Backup Sync.

Is there a seamless way to similarly sync up my Nucleus SSD data into a QNAP NAS? Appreciate any recommendation on how what others are doing, or any best practice from Roon HQ?

Thx in advance

You cant create a realtime sync using HBS but you can setup a timed one thats very simple to achieve,you could have multiples to do more but really once a day is more than enough as you can force a sync at anytime using the HBS UI. This is how I back uip my ROCK which is the same as a Nucleus in this regard. It backs up every night.

The Nucleus will have a samba network share for the stroage you add which is what you add to the QNAP as an SMB stroage space. Then add in an Active Sync job to sync from the Nucleus to the NAS. You cant use One way or Two way syncs. One way will only go from NAS to external SMB not the other way around, and two way is for cloud storage only.

  1. Add the Nucleus SMB share to Storage spaces by clicking on Create. Eneter the IP address rather than then host name as hosts names can often not resolve as easily very network dependant I find. username and password enter guest and guest and then data as the destination folder as the image below.

Test the connection to make sure it works and save it.

  1. Goto Sync and create an active sync job. Choose Remote CIFS/SMB and select your Nucleus that you added from the list below

  1. Now fill in the detaila and the exact folders tp sync to and from. You will have o navigate the tree on the Nuclues side to go to Storage and your music folder

  1. Create the back up schedule

  2. Set up rules if you wan them

thats it.

Wow Thank You sir for the quick and detailed response!

I will try it once I receive the giant SSD.

Thanks again!

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Your welcome.

I did not thought about it, but thank you for the hint :+1::wink::v: