Really frustrating behaviour: Skipping tracks if poor connection (why?)

I’ve had some connection issues recently, I need to figure out why this is happening.

But regardless of the cause —which is not on Roon— The behaviour is just… perplexing and frustrating.

If I’m listening to a track, and the connection falls out, I get a warning that there are issues. And then a few seconds later, It just skips the track I was on entirely.


Then I have to go back, select the track, and often I wouldn’t know exactly where I was on the track.

Can the UX team please change this?

Or at least give an explanation as to why this behaviour exists?
I can’t imagine anyone wanting this to be the case :man_shrugging:


Here is what I mean, soon as this thing shows up, i’m doomed to the next track, which by the way plays quite quickly after sometimes. It just ruins (roons?) the whole experience.

That is indeed annoying. In my case, it happens even with a perfectly fine connection, when the HDD is off and needs to spin up: Roon plays whatever there is left in the buffer, then stops for a few seconds and skips to the next track. I don’t know if this case is indistinguishable from a slow connection, but I think there should be an option to tell Roon how long to wait before skipping.

Feel free to add your vote to the corresponding feature suggestion:

Thanks. Voted. I think it should be an option, not a fixed behavior. Some people may just want continuous ambient music.

It’s just the daftest behaviour I can think of. It happens all the time! I never used to have this mind… With my simple Chromecast Audio puck.

Thanks to my several hundred euro iFi Zen Stream though, I am now lucky enough to have songs skip all the time! Even though i have great connection.

But that’s another matter.

But Roon UX + iFi Zen Stream basically makes me want to stop listening to music altogether.