Realtime monitoring of network drive

My music collection lives on a Synology NAS. I am running RoonCore on a NUC installed with Ubuntu (17.10) which mounts the NAS via NFS.

Currently I don’t get any realtime updates when I change the files on the NAS. In order for Roon to detect new music or deleted music, I have to “force rescan”. I assume this is because NFS doesn’t provide this service, or I don’t have the right configuration.

Is there a way to get a linux-based core to notice realtime updates on a network drive? For example, if I mount the drive via SMB instead will it work?

An ongoing problem that has been reported/discussed many times.

Short story, it’s the fault of your NAS.

Search the forum for more info.

I have the same issue with my Synology (as do many other users, as @xxx mentioned), but that won’t be changing anytime soon. The quick solution is to force a library scan when you know:

  1. There are new files in your library directory that need to be added to Roon.
  2. Files in your directory have been moved around or updated.

In the longterm, most versions of Roon to-date have performed most seamlessly with local file storage. So if storage capacity isn’t an issue, consider attaching a large external drive to your NUC, and using the Synology as a backup.

Personally, I make do with the need to manually refresh my library; I run Roon directly on the Synology.

@Michael_Merline are you saying that even with music files local to Roon Core on your Synology you have no ‘real time scan’ of your music? I thought this was only related to network mounted (SMB) folders?

It’s not the “fault of your NAS” it’s a limitation of ionotify and network shares. Don’t feel like you need to go out and buy a different NAS in order to get it to work, it’s just not information that’s included in any network file sharing protocol.


I’ve seen this topic being debated from time to time. It might be a limitation of ionotify and network shares, but running an Asustor NAS for 1 year now, I have never had any problems with real time updates of the shares. Roon Core on a dedicated laptop on Windows 8.1. Standard SMB shares. Working perfectly. Isn’t Asustor also using ionotify the way other NAS brands are?

Sorry—delayed response on this. The gist is that if I add music to my “master” library directory, then they’ll add as expected to Roon. If I add them to a nested folder, I need to do a manual rescan.