Rebooting RPi daily any issues


I have read some where that repetitive re starting of an RPi can cause them to fail has anyone any experience of this .

The reason i ask is that currently in (our) winter I leave the mains connected permanently but in (our) summer we experience massive thunder storms almost daily , which can cause damage to electronics. I have a UPS to maintain listening but normally at night all equipment is powered down. So for 4-5 months each item is power cycled daily

I have not experienced any issues doing this but the RPi is newish and has not been part of this type of regime



Rebooting per se is not an issue, the question is how you are doing it. If you run a standard distribution and do not properly shutdown the pi it is possible that you corrupt the data on the sd card, if writes are happening during the time the power is turned off.
You have two possibilities now, shutdown the pi properly before turning the power off or use a distribution, respectively configure a one which has the sd-card mounted read-only so data corruption does not happen.
Personally I’d prefer the shutdown solution since it is easy to implement and since you know WHEN you actually turn off the power you can just shutdown the pi 5 minutes or so before.

Thanks that sounds like a plan, I assume if you do corrupt the sad card you can reimage it


Yes re-imaging will fix it. In my case my rpi is running 24/7 and is also storing data so I run a full backup of the sd card every now and then.